desperately dead

diese geschichte ist in english...für rechtschreibfehler übernehme ich keine gewähr....


there was a boy on my school and he was very ugly...his face was not nice to look in  and he was all in all a kind of terrible. one day he asked me to go out with him but i don´t want that and said."never in my whole life i would go out with somebody like you" he was shocked because he loved me really...yes it was true..sice a long time he loved me and show it when ever he got a chance.

one day , maybe 7 pm, he called me on the phone ..."hey, i like you...please go out with me, if you didn´t do that i´ll jump and die!" but i said something that hurts him very much much that he didn´t tell anything more...i got a bad conscience and asked" anthony..are you still on the phone?" but there was only a low "tut tut tut"..

the next day at school i searched for him..but he wasn´t there! i thought it was an joke to jump...but i got panic!!! i ran out of the school into the park, but anthony wasn´t there. and then i saw him on the highest building around the park, when i look desperate into the sky! he was just an little point on this high building.... the tears ran over my face. it wasn´t a nice day it begans to rain and all around me was darkness now!so uncanny.

i ran into the house and search for the stairs.i jumped upstairs and than i was on the roof.. i saw anthony... he stood 10 meters from ne on the chasm with a gun in his hand. i shouted out loud "anthony it was a mistake..i don´t want to hurt your feelings!please turn around and come back to me" i felt so bad, to bad to say anything more but i tried more:"i´m so sorry, please forgive me!"

and than anthony would turn around and come back to me when he slipped out and fell over the went so low.a second was as long as an hour. i ran to the end of the roof and saw anthony when he impacted on the ground. i began to cry so desperated.i didn´t want to live just a minute longer!!!

and than i began to realize that i loved anthony.that he wasn´t common or unfriendly...he always to talk with meand now he was dead.and than i got an idea.!!! i turned around andsaw the gun and took her into my hand!  she was everything around raind as strong as in a low storm.i went to the place where anthony has stood.

i stopped to breathe and took the gun up to my head. i thought about my life and anthony. i was so terrible to him and now i would die for him...and he had died because of me!tears ran over my face than i did it!!!! i fired!!!

this was the last second of my life. i fell over the step of the roof. i impacted on the ground next to anthony...

the crowd of people on the street scraemed and cried...

just because of us...

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